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Here's a taste of the communication news I’ve found interesting recently.

Communication News Roundup

Making music with eye-pointing after devastating stroke

TV presenters, jargon dysphasia and conspiracy theories

Listen, don't talk. Good advice

A plea for face to face communication in an online world

Stories of hope for locked in syndrome sufferers

Who else wants to publish a Kindle eBook? (this one's a guest post I wrote recently).

This week, Action for Happiness launched in the UK with a Facebook page.

I'm pleased to say that SpeechContacts was ahead of the game, with our iHappiness app for iPhone and iPad already available.

Once you’ve uploaded this FREE app to your device, click the icon every day and read a new suggestion to help you build your resilience, flourish and grow happier and more contented.

Click the bird on the web page HERE to find your app.

SpeechContacts is on Facebook

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