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The information on this site is designed to help you develop your communication skills so you can enjoy life more and achieve greater success.

I can also help you develop the best possible communication skills with your child. I'm always pleased to answer questions where I can.

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Registered Intermediary Services
Requests for Registered Intermediary services for vulnerable or child witnesses in the justice system should go via the National Policing  Improvement Agency (NPIA)
Telephone: 0800 496 3322

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Frances Evesham: on the run around Europe for years, with only a husband, three children and a succession of opinionated cats to keep me out of trouble. Somerset stopped me in my tracks. Now I walk in the country and breathe sea air. I will get around to cleaning the house soon.

I've been a speech therapist, a professional communication fiend and a road sweeper. I sometimes work in the criminal courts to uphold fair questioning of people with special needs.

I smell the roses, lavender and rosemary as I cook with a glass of wine in one hand and a bunch of chillies in the other. Writing historical romances and books on communication leaves enough time to enjoy bad jokes and puns and wish I’d kept on with the piano lessons.