Help Your Child Talk: Best Speech and Language Development Blog Posts for Parenting and Early Years Teaching Information

Here are a few must-read posts, written by communication specialists, speech and language therapists and speech language pathologists, for parents or teachers. The blogs have plenty of other posts, so why not visit and find out more.

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Mommy Speech Therapy

A great post on taking turns with your child to encourage her language development. The post includes useful examples. I found the author’s tone exceptionally friendly and engaging.


Smart Talkers guest post by the Talking Matters team gives 10 ways to develop your child’s language. The short, snappy post is crammed with sound advice. Print it out and stick it on the wall.

Speech Therapy Web

This post is stuffed full of tips on using your daily routine to grow your child’s language skills. Busy parents, you don’t need to devote hours to your child’s language development: just ollow these tips throughout the day.

Teach Me To Talk

This post aims at teachers rather than parents, with ideas for circle time, focusing on keeping activities for 2-year olds short and interesting. It offers thought-provoking insights for parents as well as teachers.

The Speech Pathway

This post reprints an email from a parent who has been working on her own with her son, following the advice on this blog. It’s about the sounds of speech rather than a difficulty in developing language. This mother worked hard!

Speech Contacts

This is my own blog and I post here regularly. This post suggests some mostly inexpensive but great toys for baby language learning. Ask your baby’s friends and family to avoid loud plastic toys and give your child something he’ll learn from for months and years.


Want more tips and real information on how your baby learns to talk?

Check out How to Help Your Child Talk and Grow Smarter.

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